Updated: Nov 20, 2020

     In many ways, personal injury law — particularly major personal injury cases — can prove to be the highest test of an attorney’s  abilities. O'Reilly Law Group is a Southern Nevada law firm with decades of experience in personal injury, litigation, real estate and other major legal areas. When a potential outcome starts approaching the neighborhood  of seven figures, you need the best attorney on your side fighting for you.  

O’Reilly Law Group has established its credibility in the courtroom through decades of complex civil litigation in Nevada that includes  personal injury. 

We have access to the top medical experts in the field, which is  absolutely critical in a big case. This is not time to be shopping  around in the hopes of landing an expert to support your case. We never criticize any of our colleagues in the profession, but we do  believe that flooding the market with advertising is an entirely  different approach compared with doing the heavy lifting of going to  court with decades of experience behind you.  

At O’Reilly Law Group, we have been serving the Las Vegas market for  decades. We are regularly referred into some of the biggest and most  significant personal injury cases in the state of Nevada.  

We also regularly work on cases involving complex negotiations, knowing how to negotiate your best settlement.  

 The bottom line is that when we are up against an insurance company  and threatening legal action, they know we have the ability to follow  through and achieve the outcome our clients deserve.