Updated: Nov 9, 2020 

If your legal needs are related to Nevada gaming law, a small family business, or a large multinational business enterprise, O’Reilly Law Group should be your Las Vegas law firm

Although the demands of small family-owned and family-operated firms may differ from those of complex multinational business enterprises, the reality is that both types of businesses also have needs that are quite similar. An experienced Southern Nevada business lawyer may provide crucial help in these areas. 

In many cases, the most basic need is to retain a law firm that is capable of working on a wide array of matters and assisting you in identifying potential legal issues and addressing them before they become legal problems. At O’Reilly Law Group, we say that an ounce of prevention can be far less expensive than a pound of cure. Our Nevada law group’s experience in fields such as Las Vegas gaming law, Las Vegas real estate law, and Nevada business law may provide the solutions you need. 

The legal structure of a new enterprise — whether it is entrepreneurial or not — or of a new subsidiary is critically important. It is the birth certificate of the new venture. It is the foundation of the new entity for the entire life of that entity.  

This is why we are focused on compliance and compliance committees at O’Reilly Law Group, and why we view it as a necessary investment in the business enterprise.

Businesses of any size present complex challenges. The legal issues surrounding a business are numerous and far too important to ignore or to be forced to deal with for the first time after they are raised by regulators, or by auditors, or in litigation.  

Preparation is key. The experienced attorneys at our Southern Nevada law group may offer valuable insights to assist your preparation. 

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