Updated: Dec 17, 2020

If your legal needs arise from the unfortunate loss of a loved one and the associated will, estate and probate issues, then a Southern Nevada probate attorney with O’Reilly Law Group may be able to provide effective representation.

At the O’Reilly Law Group, we have experience in successfully representing numerous clients in routine estate matters as well as high-profile cases involving seriously contested wills and trusts.

It is an unfortunate fact of life, but children, spouses, grandchildren, creditors, business partners, and others often believe that they are the ones entitled to the same assets left behind by the deceased.

We at the O’Reilly Law Group understand family dynamics and how families evolve through the years, even when one family becomes many families across the generations.

The successful resolution of these unique, complex issues can be challenging. It requires the ability to listen and understand the history of the individuals and topics involved. It also demands the ability to address the situation amicably whenever possible but through aggressive and effective litigation if needed. 

We invite you to contact the O’Reilly Law Group for your will, trust, estate, probate, and other legal needs.