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Southern Nevada litigation lawyer: Elder Law

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

As a leading Southern Nevada litigation lawyer, we at O'Reilly Law Group know that the elderly are a valuable part of our Las Vegas community. They are a precious resource, having hailed from various walks of life with a wide range of life experiences spanning various historical eras. They carry with them tremendous sources of knowledge and experience.

Nevada has attempted, and continues to attempt, to protect these individuals through aggressive prosecution of crimes against the elderly. The attorney general’s office and the office of the district attorney have played a key role in these efforts.

As citizens of our state as well as officers of the court, we at O’Reilly Law Group in Las Vegas commend those officials for taking those actions to protect our seniors.

From a civil litigation standpoint, our Legislature provides additional protections throughout state statutes to protect the elderly, or the older, or vulnerable citizens in our communities from physical or financial abuse, neglect or exploitation.

Unfortunately, in the world we live in, there are certain individuals or businesses that prey on the elderly and the vulnerable — including threatening their life’s savings or investments.

We have seen it happen, lived through the tragedy with clients and their families, and prosecuted the perpetrators successfully.

As a result, O’Reilly Law Group is here to assist. If you believe you or your loved one has fallen victim to such an act, whether physical or financial, our great state of Nevada has provided us with the means to attempt to provide assistance.

We invite you to contact us at O’Reilly Law Group in Las Vegas today at 702-382-2500. Visit for more information about our Las Vegas law firm.

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