Updated: Nov 20, 2020 

John O'Reilly, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of O'Reilly Law Group, is a highly experienced Las Vegas real estate attorney who also has earned an extraordinary reputation in the fields of litigation, gaming, licensing and administrative law, business law, tax and estate planning, and probate law, as well as other key disciplines.

In this video, John discusses O'Reilly Law Group's experience and successful track record in business law, real estate law, construction matters and other legal areas.

He describes how Las Vegas is a unique community and O'Reilly Law Group can be your ambassador in the city. The firm has real estate law experience going back to when Las Vegas was virtually a small town. 

O'Reilly Law Group has experience working with brokers, contractors, construction companies and multinational developers as well as individuals. When necessary, according to John, the firm will engage in aggressive and effective litigation in order to maximize the results for you.