Las Vegas Real Estate Attorneys Provide Comprehensive Counsel

Nevada firm handles issues relating to commercial and developmental properties

Complex issues associated with commercial properties and high-end residential real estate demand the guidance of a skillful attorney who not only understands the letter of the law, but the local landscape.  O’Reilly Law Group has successfully managed transactions, disputes and other legal concerns for clients in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada. We’re capable of dealing with a full range of challenges, including matters pertaining to title, foreclosure, land use and financing structures. No matter what your particular situation entails, our firm is ready to help you make the most of your real estate investment.

Skillful lawyers negotiate real estate contracts for clients

Our real estate law attorneys negotiate property transaction contracts and ancillary agreements addressing financing, development, syndication, lending, leasing, property management and land use. We work on behalf of owners, investors, lenders and developers and can handle virtually any transaction, noting potential problem areas, helping negotiate the best deal and then quickly documenting and closing the transaction. This includes sophisticated acquisitions related to office developments, shopping centers and medical office buildings.

Legal counselors guide clients through commercial property transactions

Regardless of whether you’re negotiating a property purchase or lease, we’ll explain how a given site fits with your business goals and strategize about the best way to close a favorable deal. You can also count on us for knowledgeable counsel about related matters that you might have overlooked, such as tax credits, bond issues and regulations that might affect your purchase or lease.

Legal advocates assist with zoning and land use matters

Before you purchase a property or consider a substantial change on a parcel you already own, it is wise to consult an experienced attorney about relevant land use and zoning provisions. Whether you seek advice on the Unified Development Code used in the City of Las Vegas or some other code, these standards are complex. Standards frequently change and each community has its own priorities and procedures. Our attorneys assist all types of property owners during permit applications, variance requests, appeals and other matters pertaining to land use and zoning. 

Effective litigators represent parties in property disputes

Conflicts related to property issues can diminish the value of your most important investment. From the outset, we give clients a clear, accurate assessment of each side’s legal position in a real estate dispute. Our attorneys are skillful negotiators who are well versed in a wide array of property law matters, including conflicts over title, boundaries, subrogation and partitions, eminent domain, residential and commercial foreclosures, residential and commercial leases and condemnation, etc. We represent property owners, landlords, trustees, debtors, creditors and other parties in settlement discussions, mediations and more formal proceedings.

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