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The O’Reilly Law Group has earned a stellar reputation in all areas of business law and client support. Much of that reputation is grounded in the firm’s practice of gaming law. John O’Reilly served as the Chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission, which gave the firm an unparalleled depth in understanding the needs of licensees and applicants of all types.
Since that time the firm has become a “go to” team for clients’ needs in all aspects of administrative law, privileged licensing and entrepreneurs who need a clear path to business success while satisfying the exacting needs of regulators.


Many times entrepreneurs see licensing as their final hurdle before they can open their doors.  We don’t.  We view licensing as an opportunity to demonstrate to the appropriate officials that our clients’ businesses are well run and “ready for prime time.”  Simply readying your business for presentation to regulators can help clarify your internal business operations.  Accepting professional standards and adopting regulators’ “best practices” can make for smoother business operations down the line.  We work with speed and accuracy to bring our clients’ business-related matters to regulators in a clear manner, and only make promises we know that we and our clients can keep.

Administrative Law

Administrative law is the new battleground for many working professionals.  O’Reilly Law Group treats this area of law with the serious focus it deserves.  A black mark on a professional’s record, no matter how seemingly innocuous, can remain as part of the professional’s working profile for the rest of his or her career. At O’Reilly Law Group, our practice of administrative law is grounded in our experience.  While administrative boards vary greatly in adherence to the applicable rules and standards that apply, a well-organized team can help professionals work their way through administrative hearings.

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