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Nevada law firm pursues favorable results for clients in contractual disputes

Businesses rely on binding agreements to keep their operations running smoothly. When a contract dispute happens, it can threaten the company’s finances and productivity. At O’Reilly Law Group in Las Vegas, our experienced attorneys effectively represent business owners in breach of contract negotiations and litigation. Our law firm has over four decades of experience helping Nevada businesses successfully deal with legal challenges.   

What is a breach of contract?

A breach of contract is when one party to an agreement fails to perform in accordance with the agreed-upon terms. To prove breach of contract in a lawsuit, you must convince the court of the following:

  • There was a legally binding contract between you and the breaching party
  • You performed your contractual duties (or had a valid reason for not performing them)
  • The party you are suing did not perform to the contract
  • Your business suffered foreseeable damages because of the breach

Whatever field you’re in, our skillful business law attorneys will review your contract and the circumstances of the alleged breach to identify the best way to pursue a favorable resolution.

What are the different types of business breach of contract cases?

Some examples of possible ways business contracts may be breached include when:

  • A supplier does not deliver contracted goods
  • One party does not pay the other for goods or services as agreed
  • Goods are delivered late or in damaged or poor condition
  • Services that were contracted are not performed

No matter how your contract was breached, we will pursue a remedy that addresses the harm you’ve suffered.   

What damages can a party sue for in a breach of contract claim?

Damages that may be awarded in breach of contract cases include the following:

  • Compensatory damages — If compensatory damages are awarded, the victim receives payment to restore what they lost due to the contract breach.
  • Restitution — Often, restitution damages are similar to what would be provided in a compensatory award. However, the amount is based on what the breaching party wrongly gained rather than what their contract partner lost.
  • Specific performance — When an order is issued for specific performance, the party in violation of the agreement must perform pursuant to the contract terms.
  • Liquidated damages — A liquidated damages clause in a contract states a predetermined amount of money that will be paid to one party if the other breaches the contract.

You may also be able to obtain damages for attorney’s fees and other costs you incurred while enforcing your rights under the contract. Our attorneys will outline damages you may be entitled to based on the circumstances of your case.

Is there a statute of limitations in Nevada for breach of contract claims?

There is a statute of limitations in Nevada for filing a breach of contract claim. For written contracts, the time limit for filing a legal claim is six years from the date the breach occurred. If the contract was verbal, it is four years from the date of the breach. While most business contracts are in writing, oral contracts may be legally enforceable in certain situations. In either case, if you are considering a breach of contract claim, it is advisable not to wait as you could lose the right to sue or have difficulty locating key evidence.  

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