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Businesses, small and large, must take precautionary measures to defend themselves from disagreements ranging from the consumer to the governmental entity regulating their industry. Our commercial lawyers provide reputable legal advice to protect and potentially prevent your business from disputes and liabilities.


Our business attorneys provide thorough reviews and analyses of a variety of agreements for businesses. We focus on the risks and benefits of each agreement as it specifically relates to the business entity and its overall mission because we know that no two businesses operate the same. We focus on providing in-depth legal advice for licensing agreements, partnership agreements, corporate by-laws and LLC operating agreements, shareholder agreements, LLC membership agreements, asset purchase agreements, stock purchase agreements, non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements and employment agreements.


Our local business attorneys offer business solutions for contractual needs. Whether the need be a risk and benefit analysis or legal advice on negotiating terms, we provide high-quality legal service with the success of the business as the top priority. We provide advice on early liability recognition and potential lapses in contractual obligations, which are essential to a successful business.


Our corporate attorneys focus their legal experience and business insight on the most complex problems of businesses ranging from public companies to sole proprietorships. We primarily focus on assisting clients with the new and fast-paced areas of the law created by emerging technologies, globalized markets, business consolidations and the changing competitive marketplace. We provide individualized legal counsel to the actual operating problems of the corporate entity.

Foreign Corrupt Practices

Our astute local business attorneys recognize the emerging trends within the globalized markets and can assist businesses in their global expansion. Compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act is essential for business global expansion, and a business’s failure to comply may be catastrophic. As such, we offer honest and practical legal advice on the best options that abide by the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act for a business to grow and prosper in this emerging global market.

Intellectual Property

We provide both transactional and litigation counsel in Intellectual Property matters. This multidisciplinary department draws on the experience of attorneys in corporate litigation and industry-specific practices including hotel, restaurant, apparel, computer, merchandising, casino and other areas. There is close coordination with entertainment and technology practice groups. We represent clients on all types of transactional and litigation matters related to creation, protection and enforcement of rights in intellectual property (trademarks, copyrights, advertising, e-commerce, patents, trade dress and trade secret protection). The attorneys assist clients with some of their most valuable assets: the brands, the technology and the inventions that are at the core of the company’s mission and financial health. For Intellectual Property clients, we also prosecute and defend lawsuits involving copyright, trademark, unfair competition, trade secret and patent law.

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