O'Reilly Law Group, serving the community in Southern Nevada business law, Las Vegas gaming law, and other disciplines for more than 40 years, proudly supports Ryan Reaves and the Vegas Golden Knights of the NHL in the Stanley Cup Qualifiers.

Reaves turned to Tim O’Reilly, an experienced Las Vegas business attorney, and the team of Southern Nevada business lawyers at our Las Vegas law group to help him pursue his goal of producing his own line of beer at a local brewery.

Reaves needed a clean path through the complex regulatory approval process for his new business. With his innovative recipes for craft beers, Reaves knew he had a winning formula on his hands. It was a matter of getting his product to market and receiving approval for a venue, which included navigating the City of Las Vegas Business Licensing Department as well as Nevada’s Department of Taxation.

With our deep experience in Nevada business law, our Southern Nevada business lawyers helped clear the path for Reaves and his business.

After receiving the appropriate licensing from the City of Las Vegas to begin producing beer at a new brewing facility at 1510 S. Main Street, Reaves gave credit to our Las Vegas law firm for serving as a key part of his team.

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