Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Las Vegas is a unique community with its own set of unique challenges in the legal realm.  If you need a Southern Nevada real estate attorney, at O’Reilly Law Group, we are prepared to fully address your particular legal needs while also serving as your ambassador in Las Vegas. Whether you are an individual or a  business, and whether you already have a presence in Las Vegas or you are planning to relocate to the city, we can offer you an in-depth introduction to and integration into the Las Vegas community.

Our law firm has been an integral part of the Las Vegas community ever since it was a very small town. With our experience, roots, and deep connections in the city, we are well-positioned to address the wide array of business and personal legal issues you are likely to encounter. Litigation and how to avoid litigation rank among the top issues many clients are concerned about.  Our experience in both of these crucial areas means we may be able to offer critical assistance if you have a business in Las Vegas or plan to develop a business in Las Vegas.

At O’Reilly Law Group, we take special pride in serving as your ambassador in Las Vegas and to the Nevada community statewide. As you make your transition to Las Vegas or expand your footprint in Las Vegas, you may benefit from the unique experience that members of our firm have in litigating in our state and federal courts; as members of compliance committees of international gaming companies; as a former chair of the Nevada Gaming Commission; and with major publicly-traded and privately-owned companies.

We believe you may also benefit from our experience with UNLV, the local health care community and a wide range of elected officials. Reach out to O’Reilly Law Group today at (702) 382-2500.