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Nevada’s “go to” firm handles business, personal injury, property and gaming matters

In Las Vegas and throughout Nevada, O'Reilly Law Group is known as the "go to" law firm for businesses and other clients who need positive results. We are respected for our legal savvy and ability to forge a path to success for our clients from within the community and around the world. 

Whether we're engaged in complex commercial litigation, seeking relief for the victim of a catastrophic truck accident or providing guidance to a startup company, we meet the highest standards of the profession. Along with our impressive legal track record, our attorneys have "walked the walk" as top executives and board members of public companies.

We handle matters in a wide range of legal disciplines, including challenges involving civil litigation, gaming law, commercial law, personal injury law and real estate.

Thorough Nevada lawyers provide exceptional advice and advocacy

Whatever legal challenge you bring to us, you can be confident that you will be represented by:

  • Respected leadersOur team has been recognized for providing unique and innovative representation to companies and individuals. Firm attorneys John F. O’Reilly, Timothy R. O'Reilly and Byrum Lee have earned AV Preeminent® Peer Review Ratings by Martindale-Hubbell® , a recognition of their legal ability and ethics by attorneys familiar with their work.
  • Strategic advisers — No matter how complex the circumstances seem, we have the knowledge and background to develop innovative legal solutions. By blending a thorough understanding of relevant laws with practical common sense, our firm constructs effective strategies in various practice areas.
  • Skillful litigators — There’s no substitute for trial experience, and we have an accomplished record in court. If you’re engaged in a dispute that might end up in litigation, our lawyers are familiar with area courts and can tell you what to expect.
Steadfast to our firm’s founding principles, we remain dedicated to delivering individualized representation to accommodate the needs of each of our clients.

Dedicated legal counselors represent companies and individuals

Since 1978, our Southern Nevada firm has assisted clients with legal concerns associated with:

  • Business law — We are business law authorities who answer questions clearly and provide authoritative counsel on formation issues, commercial agreements and litigation matters. 
  • Contracts — Whether you require thorough contract analysis, the drafting of a complex agreement or representation in a breach of contract case, you can rely on our attorneys.
  • Corporate law — Our corporate law team offers knowledgeable guidance on internal and external issues.  
  • Personal injury — If you’ve suffered a serious injury in an auto accident or another incident caused by someone else’s negligence, we will aggressively pursue the compensation you deserve through a personal injury claim. This includes matters involving catastrophic harm and the long-term damage arising from traumatic brain injuries.
  • Real estate — In real estate transactions and other property matters related to commercial development and other high-value concerns, our real estate attorneys provide effective advice and advocacy.
  • Gaming and administrative law — Attorney and founder John O’Reilly served as the Chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission, and our firm draws on that experience to assist casinos and other clients with gaming regulations and other administrative matters.

Choosing the right attorney increases the likelihood of a successful outcome. We are confident that, from your first meeting with us, you will understand why we have been trusted partners to a diverse group of community members for so long.

Contact an experienced Nevada attorney to schedule a consultation 

The Las Vegas-based O’Reilly Law Group advises clients throughout Nevada on a wide range of legal concerns, including business law, personal injury and real estate matters. Please call 702-382-2500 or contact us online to make an appointment at our office.

Free Legal Consultations In Clark County, NV and Las Vegas, NV

Our injury lawyers in Las Vegas will look at the facts of your case and explain all of the legal options you have carefully and thoroughly. When looking for an injury attorney, you might want to know the answer to things like:

  • How will I pay for my health care and medical bills?
  • What should I do after an accident that hurts me?
  • How much is it worth to sue for personal injury in Indiana?
  • I got hurt in Las Vegas. Can I start a lawsuit?

Contact our law office in Las Vegas today to talk about your case and get the answers you need.

O'Reilly Law Group

325 South Maryland Parkway

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101


We Are Located Near These Medical Facilities:

UMC Trauma Center

University Medical Center

Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center

Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center

Our group of personal injury attorneys is made up of:

  • Skilled negotiators and trial lawyers whose job it is to get you paid for your injury.
  • Lawyers who started the firm because they wanted to help people who had been hurt and treat them with respect. The same morals and ethics still guide the way we do law.
  • No matter how big or small your accident was, you need lawyers who are committed to giving you great service and answering all of your questions.

Personal Injury Lawsuits

Our injury lawyers have years of experience helping people who have been hurt in accidents get money for their losses. We will fight to get you the justice you deserve.

Car Accidents

Our car accident lawyers know that a car accident can change a person's whole life. If you or someone you care about has been hurt badly in an accident, get in touch with our legal team.

Slip And Falls Accidents

Have you hurt yourself because you slipped and fell? Our slip-and-fall lawyers will look into how you got hurt and fight for you to get the money you deserve.

Medical Malpractice Claims

When care is not given, medical malpractice can lead to injuries that last a lifetime or even death. A doctor or other medical professional owes it to their patients to give them the best care possible while following rules. Contact our medical malpractice lawyers to set up a free consultation.

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Accidents

Putting a loved one in a nursing home is hard enough, so finding out that the place that was supposed to protect them hurt them is scary. If you or someone you care about has been hurt by abuse or neglect in a nursing home, you can talk to one of our experienced nursing home neglect lawyers for free.

Worker's Compensation Claims

Workers' compensation insurance can pay for any kind of work-related injury or illness. Our workers' comp lawyers know that filing a claim can take a lot of time and be frustrating. Please ask for help from our legal team.

Back Injury Accidents

Have you been hurt in an accident and you've hurt your back? Let our Back Injury Attorneys help you. Call today to set up a free case evaluation!

Pedestrian Accidents

If you were hurt while walking, you might be able to receive compensation. Please get in touch with our pedestrian accident lawyer for more information.

Dog Bite Accidents

Children are more likely to get hurt by a dog bite than adults, but every day, adults get seriously hurt by dog bites. Our Dog Bite Lawyers will help you get the justice you deserve and pay for medical bills and pain and suffering.

Work Injury Claims

In a work injury lawsuit, our team of lawyers strive to get you more money to cover future medical bills, lost wages, and other costs related to your injury.

Bicycle Accidents

Do you need a lawyer who specializes in bicycle accidents to help you? Get in touch with our bicycle accident attorneys right away to get a free consultation.

Motorcycle Accidents

After an accident, our motorcycle accident lawyers can help you get justice you deserve. Please contact us if you need legal advice about your case.

Semi-Truck Accidents and Wrecks

Our truck accident lawyers can help you get justice and money to make up for what you've lost. Most of the time, big trucks are more dangerous than any other kind of vehicle, which means they cause more serious injuries.

Train Injury Accidents

Some of the worst injuries can happen in train accidents. Trains go at very high speeds, which doesn't leave much room for safety equipment to protect people on board or in the area. If you were hurt on a train and have questions, you can get in touch with our legal team.

Bus Injury Accidents

Are you a passenger on a bus who was hurt in an accident? With the help of our professional bus accident lawyers, you can make a case against the bus company that had a duty to keep you safe. They can look at the details of your claims and build a case against them.

Brain Injury Accidents

Cerebral palsy is a medical condition that lasts a long time and is caused by damage to the brain. Let our brain injury lawyers fight for you to get justice and compensation.

Spinal Cord Injury Accidents

Have you hurt your spinal cord because someone else wasn't careful? Contact our local law firm for a free consultation right now about a spinal injury.

Birth Injury Claims

Did your baby get hurt while you were in labor or while you were giving birth? Our skilled birth injury lawyers can help you get the answers you need and the justice and compensation you deserve.

Sexual Abuse Claims

Sexual abuse is one of the worst things someone can do to another person. If you or someone you care about has been a victim of sexual abuse or assault, schedule a free, confidential case consultation today to get started on your way to justice.

Child Abuse Claims

Abusing a child is a terrible crime that must be investigated and punished. If your child has been hurt physically or emotionally, let our lawyers fight for your child and your family.

Burn Injuries

Have you or someone you know been taken advantage of? We are available to assist you. If you have any more questions, please get in touch with our burn injury law firm.

Construction Injuries

Have you ever hurt yourself at work? Our construction accident lawyers can help you file a workers' compensation claim to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and other damages caused by the work injury.

Wrongful Death Claims

When a loved one dies in an accident that was sad or unexpected, our wrongful death accident law firm can help you get the legal help you need.

Business Litigation Attorney Las Vegas

We help businesses and people with a wide range of civil and business disputes, such as those involving contracts, construction, insurance, trade secrets, employment, and partnership law.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Personal Injury Law Firm?

Almost every personal injury or wrongful death case that O'Reilly Law Group takes on is based on a "contingency fee." When a client hires us as their lawyers, our fees are set by a clear contract based on a contingency fee. Also, we only get paid if we are able to get a cash settlement for our clients. If we can't get the money back, we don't charge a fee.

Which Main Factors Influence The Final Recovery In A Personal Injury Claim?

In a personal injury case, the total amount of damages includes both financial and non-financial losses. Some of the things that cost money are medical bills, lost pay, and damage to personal property. Non-economic losses include pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement, and the loss of a friend or a good way of life. There are many more important factors that affect the value of a lawsuit, so it's best to get in touch with our legal team and talk about the details during a free consultation.

Where Is Your Clark County, NV and Las Vegas Accident Law Office Located?

Our Las Vegas, NV personal injury law firm is located near The STRAT Hotel, Casino & SkyPod, Love Story Wedding Chapel, The Neon Museum, and Discovery Children's Museum.

Our address is:

325 South Maryland Parkway

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

(702) 382-2500

Areas and Neighborhoods In Clark County, NV We Serve:

Clark County, NV, Las Vegas, NV, Winchester, NV, Spring Valley, NV, Downtown South, NV, Summerlin, NV, Henderson, NV, Reno, NV, North Las Vegas, NV, Paradise, NV, Sunrise Manor, NV, Spring Valley, NV, Enterprise, NV, Sparks, NV, Carson City, NV, Whitney, NV, Pahrump, NV, Winchester, NV, Sun Valley, NV, Charleston, NV, Green Valley North, NV

How Do I Contact Your Personal Injury Attorneys?

Our phones are available 24/7 at (702) 382-2500. An experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to assist you for free.

Clark County, Nevada

Clark County is located in the U.S. state of Nevada. As of the 2020 census, the population was 2,265,461. Most of the county population resides in the Las Vegas Census County Divisions, which hold 1,771,945 people as of the 2010 Census, across 476 square miles.

City of Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, often known simply as Vegas, is the 25th-most populous city in the United States, the most populous city in the state of Nevada, and the county seat of Clark County. The city anchors the Las Vegas Valley metropolitan area and is the largest city within the greater Mojave Desert.

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