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Southern Nevada business law: Legal co-counsel is crucial

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

In the critical field of Southern Nevada business law, when other Las Vegas law firms find themselves faced with high costs of litigation including long lists of experts who may be called to testify at trial, we are often approached by attorneys who want to know if we will partner with them, help fund them, or otherwise assist in their case. The answer is that we are always interested in the possibility of being retained as co-counsel or handling complex litigation or appeals. It’s as easy as calling O’Reilly Law Group, asking for a meeting to review the specifics of the case, and determining whether there’s a good fit. We are always open to helping our colleagues in the local business and legal communities in a mutually beneficial way. Contact us at O’Reilly Law Group in Las Vegas today at 702-382-2500. Visit for more information about our Las Vegas law firm.

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